Kacy Benson

Kacy Benson


Kacy is the Campus Pastor at Bannockburn’s South campus where he has been since December 2019. Kacy grew up in Galveston, Texas going to school, working, and doing street performing. God later got a hold of his heart and moved Kacy to Austin, Texas where Kacy realized his call to ministry.

After several years serving in local ministry in Austin, and twenty years doing traveling ministry with summer camp programs, Kacy began to speak at ministry events throughout the country each year. During this time, he’s seen thousands of people come to Christ through his Gospel presentations.

In addition to speaking at events, Kacy planted a church in Austin, Texas for two and half years called Freedom Fellowship. The church grew and saw many people come to know the Lord and be baptized.

Kacy’s life reflects God’s grace, love and healing. He experienced physical and emotional pain, loneliness, fear, and rejection from his father and much more. When God got a hold of Kacy’s heart, he realized he was not alone and began to experience the healing process, Kacy later responded to God’s calling to ministry as an evangelist. His heart is to lead as many people as possible to the Lord so they will experience salvation and life change. Kacy is passionate about meeting and reaching people who are seeking and searching for a place to belong. His desire is to get them connected so they do not feel they are going through life alone.

Kacy’s vision for Bannockburn is that it thrive and amplify what is already present. He desires that Bannockburn be known as the church that is loving, full of life, enthusiasm, and community.

A verse that motivates and inspires Kacy each day is James 5:19-20. “My dear friends, if you know people who have wandered away from God’s truth, don’t write them off. Chase after them. Get them back and you will have rescued precious lives from destruction and prevent an epidemic of wandering away from God’s truth.”

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